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[Oct. 4th, 2004|09:25 am]
Intellectual Elite



If you watched or listened to the Presidential Debates, what is your opinion?

Did Bush portray himself as a worthy candidate? Did Kerry?

Think Objectively: If you were a voter who was split on who to vote for, who would you chose?

I beleive that Bush did bring up a few good points, however, Kerry did prove himself to be a worthy candidate.

As a communication major, I am constantly looking for great communication in people. During the debates, I saw Bush as being a rather poor communicator, as he was using quite a few "uhs" and "ums" and simple place fillers. Those usually denote nervousness or an unsteady footing in their speech. That sort of frightens me. If we can not have a president who can communicate, how can he communicate with other presidents or ministers, or what-have-you? It shows a kind of stupidity on our country's behalf. It worries me.

Kerry was very confidant and knew what he was talking about. He was extremely confidant in his speech and his words, and was overall, very impressive. When he did stumble, he was quick to recover. Although I disagree with some of his opinions, I will be voting for him in November, if not for his outstanding communications, then for the fact that I agree with the majority of his opinions than I agree with Bush's.

If I were to look at this as an undecided voter, I would think that Kerry did a better job, but I would still be undecided because not all bases were touched. I would have a 51/49 chance of voting for Kerry, in his favor.

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[User Picture]From: burned_rose
2004-10-04 05:39 pm (UTC)
heh, thanks! We try not to put others opinions down because they are all valuable in their own way. Why put them down, when everybodies opinion matters in reality?
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