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[Nov. 7th, 2004|09:12 pm]
Intellectual Elite


In response to the recent election...

-Bush won, according to the media. This is a projected win. Until all votes are counted, the election is just a prediction.

-There have been numerous reports of voting fraud, meaning that votes were miscounted or not counted at all (I could list websites for proof, if anybody is interested).

-Kerry stepped down (I prefer the term stepping down, which infers that you can step back up) yet his speech was not law-binding. If Kerry finds out he does, indeed, win the election, he can still accept the presidency.

-Many liberals are thinking about a civil war, similar to that of the 1800's. This is because of the aforementioned voting fraud.

-Many liberals are also thinking of seceding from the Union, and legally, they can, if they can put into place a leader.

What are your personal views on these thoughts? Do you think that people are over-reacting? Or do you think that these revolutionary thoughts are typical after a big upset for the liberals?

Although I beleive that there is some over-reacting on the part of the liberals, I do think that a Civil battle of some sort is inevitable. There are already revolutionaries who are trying to gain momentum and strike at the perfect time. I beleive that if the votes are counted, safely and un-biasly, then maybe the ideas will die out. I think, what needs to be proven, is who won - fair and square. Voting fraud aside, I beleive all the votes should be counted and Kerry should have the ability to step up as president if the votes do prove that he did, indeed, win the election.

If the votes are not taken into careful consideration, I beleive a civil battle of some sort in inevitable, as I said before. So many people are angered over this, and, although I wish not to see a presidential assasination while I am alive, I have heard rumors via internet (and those usually are not reliable) that people are planning on going to the inauguration of Bush and kill him. I do not beleive this will succeed, but if it does, then a new Civil War is only minutes away. I do NOT wish for the man to die, but I wish for him to have a fair and square election held. Just because he can, does not mean he should.

I am very interested in what the conservatives in the group have to say about this. Do you beleive there is anything horrible in the future? Or do you beleive that this is all talk, no action?

This can be held as a debate or a discussion of your views -- it is up to you.

From: xigentintellect
2004-11-08 02:45 am (UTC)

voting fraud...AGAIN!

You know, I actually thought that Bush won this fair and square. Still I was not surprised at all to hear about the reports of voting fraud. It was as blatant as when he stole the election the first time, but he had 4 years to plan this.

I hadn't heard this talk about a civil war. Wouldn't that be interesting. How would a civil war play out today? Especially since liberals oppose Bush's War Iraq and he would undoubtedly label liberals as terrorists and extremists and god haters...if he hasn't already.

I remember when I first read about the patriot act I thought about 1984 and other books about totalitarian governments. With another four years, it could very well happen.
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[User Picture]From: eireknight
2004-11-08 03:49 am (UTC)

Re: voting fraud...AGAIN!

There was way too much evidence against this election being fair going into it that I personally feel that any chance that Bush would have won this one fair and aquare was a long shot.

Most people point to the margin of votes that the win was gained by (130,000+) and the margin of the popular national vote.

Of course, the problem with this is that people thinking that it would come down to a few hundred votes, frankly, are expecting relatively minor manipulation of the system. They've learned from their mistakes and the fact of the matter is that anyone who wants to falsify election results and has the time to do so, has the ability to falsify them by large margins. This is particularly plausable given the central nature of the Diebold GEMS vote tabulation system.

A civil war would be brutal right now. The combination of nuclear weapon availability, massive army alotment, and the economic impact of potential cessetion would create massive problems for both parties in the war. How the actual tactic of the war would play out would depend on more factors than I can list here, nor can I predict the factors at play at this time.

Regarding consistancy regarding the pacifist nature of the liberal groups involved: many of the groups are not opposed to war, simply opposed to certain types of war. Obviously, this war would be considered a just war and as such, leftist tenets would allow for it. I think anyone willing to join a civil war isn't too concerned about being called a terrorist or extremist or a god hater.

To go to 1984, all they need to do is raise the terror alert level to red. No more is needed beyond the necessary changes in the government that would be simple. Of course, now Bush believes he has a mandate to do that without martial law and suspension of the constitution, so I think we're going to see the passage of further Patriot Act like laws that implement controls such as these.

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