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I don't know who has been keping track of the Terri Shiavo case, but… - The home of the intellectual elite [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 18th, 2005|08:37 am]
Intellectual Elite


I don't know who has been keping track of the Terri Shiavo case, but I would like to know everbodies opinions on it.

Basic Run Down: Terri Shiavo fell and received major brain damage in 1990. She has been bed-ridden ever since. Her husband wants the hospital to remove her feeding tube and allow her to starve to death. her family insists that she is not in a vegatative state and beleives that removing the tube will result in unknown pain and torture.

Her husband has since taken a new girlfriend and has had two children with her. He claims that Terri told him that she would rather be put to death instead of living this kind of life. There is no proof of that statement. He is also listed as the benefactor in her life insurance plan, so money is also a factor in this.

Her family beleives that Terri is not in a vegatative state and responds to them, even though some docotrs tell them that it is pure reflex. However, Terri does breath and use slep cycles. Her family has ignored all doctoral advice regarding her condition, and still beleive that there is hope for her.

My Opinions: I beleive that if the doctors insist that she is, and has been, in a vegatative state, then she is. However, if they wanted to kill her, removing her feeding tube would be the worst way to die (starvation). What if she is lucid somewhere within her mind, and realizes that she is starving to death? Wouldn't that be horrible? I think that, until all options are extinguished, she should remain alive. If all options are extinquished, I think a less painful route should be used, such as the way vets put animals to sleep. Maybe they could use a mix of sleping tablets and alcohol to put her down, if there is no other way. She would fall peacefully to sleep and never wake up.

Anybody else have a valid opinion on this matter?

FYI: yesterday, the court deemed it illegal to remove her feeding tube as a form of death.

[User Picture]From: thighofjustice
2005-04-09 05:09 am (UTC)

Somewhat agree.

Only on the point that her parents WERE willing to support her. And they should have had the final say.

What is with putting 'she' in quotations?
Are you trying to say that since she was in that state she was no longer a human being?

And what do you mean that the manner in which she died is irrelevant?
I for one would at least have felt better if they had drugged her and had her fall asleep and never wake up (a peaceful death) rather than starve to death, and go through that agony
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[User Picture]From: kingdopomo
2005-04-10 02:36 am (UTC)

Re: Somewhat agree.

'Are you trying to say that since she was in that state she was no longer a human being?' Possibly, at least in any manner that matters.
Really I think people in that state should welcome death.

Pain is not bad, and pleasure is not good. These sensations are just manifestations of our animal will. One must regard them both as tools - means, and not ends.
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