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The home of the intellectual elite

Intellectual Elite
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This is a community for the intellectual elite.

You know who you are -- those who've walked into a room and realized that all the faux intellectuals are staring down their nose-perched glasses at you. Their Wall Street Journal firmly in hand as they read about the stock market or the the latest speech from the so-called president.

Well, we're not them. We're the true intellectuals. We're on the ground every day fighting for truth and justice.

And chances are, we've all been rejected from some community that claimed to be non-biased and really looking for intellectual discussion but was really run by extremist elitists.

This is your journal.

We're elite by default. We admit we're elite. We're not biased, we're intelligent and openly superior. Other communities claim to search for truth, but are really focused on banning leftists and other intellectual elite. If you've been banned from them, come to us and we will most likely welcome you with open arms.

Below is a list of communities that have been shown to either be faux intellectual or claim to be open to all but really are reserved for extremists.


These communities may also be of interest to you. They are also elite communities, filled with intellectuals.